Move ALL Child Maintenance Cases to ONE SYSTEM – There are currently two systems of Child Maintenance Calculations in use by the CSA – One for Children born pre 2003, and one for Children born after 2003.

Why is this idea important?

The idea of having two separate calculations to determine what maintenance a non-resident parent should be paying is absurd, and unfair.

The old system is still being applied to parents whose children were born pre 2003. This older system is outdated, yet still in use.

The new system is for children born after 2003 is a set rate, a percentage of earnings.

In my own case, I pay 24% of my earnings for one child on the old system, whereas on the New system I would pay around 15% – a saving of £200 EVERY MONTH – my case is not unique, there are thousands of Non-Resident parents in the same situation.

I would say that having these two systems is BLATANTLY discriminating against older Parents – If you child was born before 2003 you will more likely be older, so more likely to be on the Old system and therefore more likely to be paying more child maintenance.

Non-Resident Parents shouldn't be penalised due to their age.

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