I would like to see Grandparents recognised in some way who help parents with Child Care on a full or part time basis and be helped to be able to take the Grandchildren on days out, plus gain in some way towards their shopping as they would be expected to feed the grandchildren too whilst they're are looking after their grandchildren in order for the parents to be able to afford to go back to work.  I understand that there are tax credits or child care voucher schemes but as these only cover part of the cost of a full week in a children's nursery , child minder or child care system, some people may have to enlist the help of their parents in order to go back to work full time because of the finacial costs of child care.

Why is this idea important?

For parents who have decided to return to work at all following the birth of their children, and for those who feel they have to enlist the help of the Grandparents due to the financial implications of full or part time child care, this could help those parents and Grandparents with the next generation and provide more help where needed to keep the children occupied and make sure that no one has to worry that the children cannot be catered for.  This was more parents are able to have more flexibility in order to return to work following maternity / paternity leave and have more options.  Also, with providing more help on a 'global' scale with offering help to Grandparents too as well as financial help with childcare could assist with keeping more people within employment.

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