usually we have children because we want them, therefore why is it necessary to give the parents a huge injection of cash to dump their kids into childcare, this is causing a huge gap between the parents and the youngsters – creating sociopaths who crave attention and join gangs, parents hould be taking their responsibility seriously and looking after and nurturing their offspring. what happened to making sacrifices when you have a family? this going out to work when the baby is 6 months old so they can afford to take a foreign holiday etc., is changing society and we the tax payer are taking on the responsibility of these kids – i dont want that responsibility, i've had my own kids and brought them up myself without handouts from the government.  why are the childless couples, the single men paying for these parents to work and have holidays and  nice things? if parents want to work, fine, work but we shouldnt be paying for it.

Why is this idea important?

this will save thousands of public money

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