MPs behave disgracefully in the House. They shout and interrupt each other instead of engaging in rational debate. They might as well join the useless protesters in Parliament Square.

In America PM's question time is viewed as a comedy program.

Either they reform themselves or we should.

At the very least let's support the Speaker's attempts in this direction.

Why is this idea important?

Yah boo politics prevent good debate, lessen public respect toward our legislature and make this country a laughing stock

One Reply to “Childish behaviour in the House of Commons”

  1. I totally agree that behaviour in the House of Commons is ridiculous. I teach pre-school and primary school children, and spend a lot of time telling them that it is polite to listen when someone else is speaking, whether that is the teacher or one of their peers, and that they will have their turn to speak as well, and everyone must listen to them too. It’s called respect, and it appears to be completely lacking in politics, which is one of the many reasons I think politics is total nonsense. How we expect young people in this country to show respect for each other when politicians behave like toddlers, shouting each other down all the time, I do not know.

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