Any immigrant invariably of their immigration status, if they have dependent children above 5 years of age who are attending school should be the matter of concern to immigration authorities trying to implement harsh rules on their parents because indirectly the pressure of parents will have an effect on the children as well. For what fault of theirs are they being made alienated from the land they were born and broughtup. They know of only whats happening now and to leave a scar in their hearts at that tender age is impermittable. Govt. must change the scenario and do justice to young hearts out there playing merrily with their pals not knowing the authorities are to detour their fate any time as they wish.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because todays children are tomorrows citizens and when they are born in UK then they have a bond with this nation which is inseperable. To accept these young hearts and allowing them to lead a peaceful life must be inculcated from the begining. The first hand towards this should be the governments……Do Justice.

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