Just exactly how did this ridiculous law become law?

Why is this idea important?

Because of the false allegation which has changed our lives.

All it has acheieved in my case is that the word of a child was taken as truth and has caused me to be investigated, then subsequently released from all allegations by the police. It is fact that the mother of the child used the child as nothing other than a weapon against me. 2 weeks short of a year that episode lasted and not one single apology or compensation of any type for the hurt, anguish, reputational damage, slander by the mother which still continues and finally the attitude of Police Woman who ruthlessly targetted me with no evidence at all. This is just the reason why the police need to be restricted in their actions and the unsubstantiated word of a child should not be acted upon by either the Police or the Childrens services.It was made worse when the same Childrens Services had already investigated us twice and found nothing untoward at all. Even to the comments that the child had a better home life while with us. We do not blame the child. We lay the whole of the blame on the Childrens Services for not acting against the mother of whom they had a very long history and the Police for chasing shadows and the laws in force which made them able to act as they all did.

We hope this Government will eventually address and repeal the acts that are obviously misdirected and used against the innocent. It used to be innocent until proven guilty. How can you prove your innocence when there is no proof anything took place in the first place? The law is an Ass – how very true in this case!

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