To legislate that tobaco companies supply their product in a box into which the spent wrappers, spent matches and butts must be placed after use. This would require tobaco companies to design a functional litter bin which the smokers carries with themselves whilst consuming the packet of cigarettes. The smoker would then dispose of this litter bin  when all cigarettes have been consumed. The container must be numbered and registered to the buyer in case the packet is not disposed of in an approved collection system. It is obvious that smokers need to be registered.

Why is this idea important?

Cigarette smokers pollute the environment by throwing their packaging, matches, butts onto public places. Cleaning up from smokers costs the community vast sums of money. The community is paying for the smokers dirty habit of littering the environment.. In addition cigarette butts are entering the waterways and oceans when they are washed into storm water drainage systems.

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