Close all Job centers, abolish signing on and applications for working family tax credit and family allowance.  This will save billions in admin.  Replace them with an unconditional tax credit called the citizen's allowance that is the same whether you work or not and is adminstered by revenue and customs.  

For working people the allowance will be simiar to a tax allowance, they receive the amount they would currently get on income support.  However all working people would pay tax on ALL the money they earn at the starting rate (which might need changing) Tax allowances would be abolished.  This could mean there would be no additional cost if it is calculated correctly.  You would also get an additional amount per child living with you rather than working family tax credit.


Why is this idea important?


Huge savings in useless job centers, administration and form filling.

Saving in badly targetted working family tax credit and family allowance.

Save hugh amounts of cash as the unemployed choose to take jobs since it's in their interest.  No need for miminum wage as people are guarenteed an income anyhow.

All unemployed people would be automatically better off than if on the dole.  They might well choose a part time job and get back into work that way.

Move away from the idea that the government should try to make people work as this has clearly failed.  If we try even harder then there could be social consequence such as higher crime.

From a Personal Point Of View:

 I spent couple of years on the dole and have claimed working family tax credit in the past so I understand how any man hours are being wasted in these departments.  I also knew many people who could not take a job without being worse off.

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