There have being the creation of two tier citizens, the ones born here and the naturalise ones. Whilst the law advocates that every citizen is equal in the eyes of the law its has also help create a more equal citizen than the other. The citizens born outside the UK can now have thier citizenship revoked for frivilous reason in they find themselves on the wrong side of the law and get deported thanks to the effects terrorism. On the other hand the citizens born here are only subjected to the remit of the law but not to deportation. This brings back the memory of the mass deportation to Austrailian of  British citizens. The law and the ability to revoke the citizenships should be reversed back to where it was before 9/11. Whilst  one acknoledges the fact that the public need to be protected from terrorist this ability to reverse what otherwise would be a permanent thing has handed them victory by managing to split the society along natives and none natives.

Why is this idea important?

All citizen should be equal in all respects.

By the time a resisdent recieves citizenship they would have been very well planted in the country. I have heard along the way that its not feesible to throw the child away with the bath water. 

We are all one familly under the queen and this the chance to correct the obviously aspect off our law. The correction would right the wrong and help bring back the notion that all citizens are equal.

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