There is only one thing i have agreed with David Cameron since i have known him, in a word: "Hug a Hoodie." Obviously, it belied a gentle nature and I was working in a hostel for 16 – 25's near Bristol. I got on air with a local radio station to put the case for all young people "set up" by the rest of Society.

I say that, because, on attending a committee meeting at the hostel, the following comment was warmly welcomed by the group, namely, that it was the generation gap that everyone fell into when these people chose to "lay into" each other. Finally, I warned that if the parties were unable to bridge the gap, both would become  more and more alienated.

Here are the causes (that left untackled) will not fully address the issues: poverty (why can't we recognise that people who are unacceptically wealthy, need to help out more, globally too; why don't you try that, David?). Another cause; broken families and broken communities where generation after generation have suffer neglect and abuse.

Answer? You guessed it: ask the excessively wealthly to invest in hopeless estates and lives that shame the nation, the rich and powerful, who shame the nation.

It is staring you in the face. Worried about upsetting the funders? Expose the greedy minority in it for selfish gain. Do you give alot? Thanks, but give even more!

Not the kids at fault, not the parents, you know it: generations of neglect and deprivation. You say blame the parents, punish the youth, who are you kidding? Look at that bloody emperor..

Why is this idea important?

I would not necessarily get out a rod to beat up the rich, The first thing is to set up a 'panel' of all representatives. Problematic that the most important group of youth at greatest disadvantage are already right on or beyond society's perimeter and have understandable 'issues' with so-called grown ups, perhaps parents who perpetrated neglect and emotional abuse? I think this has to be the way forward, there is loads to sort out affecting huge swathes of society's fabric.

Nick Shipley

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