1) Stop men parading around the streets of our city centres bare chested as soon as the sun comes out. We do not want to see it as we walk to the local sandwich shop to get our lunch. Issue fixed paenalty notices for anti social behaviour

2) No drinking of alcohol on our city centre streets, that is what we have bars and pubs are for, issue fixed penalty notices for anti social behaviour

3) When a train says Quiet zone give authorities the power to enforce it rather than ignore it, issue fiexd penalty notices for antisocial behaviour

4) Stop all this swearing that goes on in our public places, issue fixed penalty notices antisocial behaviour

Why is this idea important?

To bring back some pride to our nation. What do you think people from overseas think when they see how appalling our standards of public behaviour are. Anything goes and t should not be tolerated because of the general impression of malaise in our society.

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