Yes revoke the EU civil liberties laws.

Then make prisons a place of punishment, Once convicted they lose all  property  ill gotton gains both property and any other posetions belonging to them and their familys, Remove all TV's Books, Games, gyms, make them places where they do not want to returne, Two jobs in one Reduce the number in prisons, save on costs. Why should these criminals enjoy better food than the armed services, better looked after than the elderly. Lock them up and make them suffer, it after all a so called form of PUNISHMENT..

Why is this idea important?

Yhese measures are important as I am paying for these people to enjoy a better standard of living than many of our elderly,

Please vremember that goverment is put in power by the electorate to carry out our wishes, We pay your wages and "EXPENSES" and give you a very high standard of living, Start doing the job we pay you for.

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