I think that it is important that the civil rights of members of the major religions in this country should be respected.  It has seemed that in many cases their freedom to act according to their own consciences has been eroded.  The previous government seemed to bend over backwards, in the name of diversity, to put Christians' rights to the back of the queue.   We are not a tiny minority who can be disregarded –  you may not realise it but more people watch 'Songs of Praise' than 'Match of the Day'!

Why is this idea important?

An atmosphere of fear to speak out is being created in this country which is not healthy and not democratic.

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  1. Liar – Match of the day viewing figures: 4.14million vs songs of praise viewing figures: 3.3 million (august 2011)

    did you know only 500,000 people in the UK (out of 50million) go to church on a sunday?

    you have no example of where you are being persecuted? you are actually free to speak out, you are not free to preach and proselytize in official places, at work, to children etc.

    your church doesnt pay taxes! your religion gets taught to kids in school! stop shouting foul play.

    you want equality? then pay taxes and get your religion out of my school.

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