With regard to the United Kingdom's occupation in overseas territories, civil liberties and human rights violations must be reviewed and dealt with immediately. 

In the Turks and Caicos Islands, many citizens question the UK agenda there.  The UK took all governance of the islands last August 2009 without any consult or vote from even the UK MPs, merely the FCO.  It came to Turks & Caicos and took all democracy and civil liberties from the people, including the right to jury trials, elections, self determination and to this date has been unable to prove any of the accused corruption.

The UK invaded the autonomous local government and took over all finances, yet brought no money for this transition costing the people millions.  This is just one example of the mad lack of planning of the FCO.

Now, the people suffer under land confiscations and threats of retaliation by accusations of crimes if they speak out against the UK installed government. 

Please review the matter there and make certain that freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and other basic civil rights are assessed and upheld.  Growing racial tensions and marginalization of the local people are creating a hostile country.  The more the people speak out, the greater are UK's threats.  The special prosecutor Helen Garlick of the UK has been there for nearly a year and keeps promising that many people will be prosecuted but will not say whom will be targeted.  She continues to ask for the public's help to find corrupt people which is ordinarily appropriate, but with the taking of the local judiciary this creates a police state where a prosecutor can target anyone without democratic intervention. 

Rumors on behalf of the UK through a propaganda site, TCI Journal, continue to threaten anyone who is speaking out, that they will be on Ms. Garlick's list of offenders.  You can see the civil rights violations when you look at it from the eyes of the people, the UK is threatening prosecution of anyone who speaks out or assembles.  There are other rumors that Ms. Garlick is ready to serve 90 or so protective order enjoining anyone, including the press, of speaking out on this matter.

The governor Gordon Wetherell stands with (literally)  Ms. Garlick during her speeches of retribution putting himself in a conflict of interest.  He is to be representing the people.  Yet, he separates not any governmental powers and has thus created a dictatorship/police state.

This is a terrifying time for the people. 

Why is this idea important?

In the US, there is the American Civil Liberties Union and many countries have the counterpart of this organization.  In the Turks & Caicos there is no group allowed to operate to oversee civil liberty violations of the people.  Since the UK took the local judiciary, there is no means to use legal remedies to correct civil rights violations there.  This has created an oppressed society. 

If the UK is to be deemed a democratic society, it must immediately restore the local judiciary at the very least and/or the UK must allow an avenue to review civil rights violations there.  Otherwise, the people will revolt.  At the present, the people take refuge in the fact that the EU is on their side.  This should not be the case.  The people should not rely on an outside entity to entrust a job that has been entrusted in the UK.  



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