Too many members of the Royal Family are on the Civil List when they do little or nothing. Introduce new law where, say only the Queen/King and 1st, 2nd and 3rd in line to the throne are on the list and no one should earn more than the Prime Minister and the rest will be paid per job and if they want more, they'll have to be assessed through a performance related pay system by a panel of ordinary citizens. They should pay rent to the state for living in their homes based on per sq m and any second homes such as Windsor Castle and Balmoral Castle should be sold or acquired by the National Trust or English Heritage and if they want to stay there, they'll have to book and pay for it. All gifts they receive over a value of £25 should be declared and be the property of the state. Perishables such as food should be given to homeless or old people's charities.


Why is this idea important?

In this time when everyone is having to cut back, it is only right and proper that the Royal Family should do likewise. The current system is archaic and it is about time that in line with other more modern Royal Families in mainland Europe, the UK Royal Family needs to bring themselves into the 21st century.

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