The law concerning occasions of nudity should be clarified so the public and the police know where they stand. I think it is clear that someone can be nude and not be a threat or a nuisance to others. I would submit that there is a "time and a place" for nudity and where nudity is not appropriate and where it would be acceptable should be clarified.

I think it would be entirely reasonable for someone to be nude for the purposes of sport or recreation in a public park, the open countryside or on a beach. I would also add that a member of the public should be able to be nude at an event organised for the benefit of nudists in a licensed premises.

The law should be clear that nudity itself is not a crime. If no one complains – if there is no victim – then there should be no crime.

Why is this idea important?

As the law stands it is very confusing and open to random interpretation by the Police.

Ladies often sunbathe topless in a public park but are anxious that the police may decide to take acception to it even if no one complains. Someone can find an empty beach and face similar concerns if they go skinny dipping. Why should nudists not be able to hire a room at a pub or a nightclub venue and use that premises for their own recreation and social activities? 

If someone is behaving in a threatening way to another person and causing them to fear for their safety then this must remain an offence. However, the simple act of being naked – your basic existance as a human being – must not be inherantly wrong as the law currently makes it out to be.

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