Under English Common Law, the role of the state is simply reduced to being able to tell you what you cannot do – murder, rape, theft, assault and so on.

Under the Napoleonic Code, the role of the state is entirely different: it tells you what you can do and everything else is forbidden.

As I understand it, the passing of the Lisbon Treaty means the the Napoleonic Code is therefore in force in the United Kingdom.

Why is this idea important?


This is a very big constitutional issue and has been left unanswered as long as I have studied it.

Is Parliament's sovereignty supreme, or is Brussels supreme?

If EU Law takes precedent over national law, how did this happen without any general public understanding, consultation, debate or (dare I say it) plebiscite?

I am not a Eurosceptic.  I am a democrat to my core.  If the people want the EU and express this in a plebiscite, then so be it.  I speak several European langauges.  I love Europe.

But I cannot accept that English Common Law, Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and so forth can just fade away silently and the Napoleonic Code appear in their place, without any explanation as to why or how this has happened – or been allowed to happen.

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