Freedom is a funny old thing. One person wants to be free to do something. Another wants to be free from the impact of them doing that thing.

I would like my children to be free to walk into a newsagent without being assaulted by pornographic images of women. I believe my children do not have the freedom to be children while their environment is continually sexualised. I have it from a number of newsagents that the majority of copies of so-called 'lads' mags' are read by school-aged children, and I would like to make these backward publications less available to children by preventing their display in prominent positions. Put them on the top shelf where they belong.

Why is this idea important?

The promotion of the idea that women are constantly sexually 'up for it' is storing up an avalanche of sexual tension and dissatisfaction that can only lead to very bad consequences for both men and women. I would like my son and daughters to grow up free from the idea that a woman's only purpose is to look beautiful and 'satisfy' men.

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