I think the clock changes should be abolished so that the evenings stay lighter when October comes. 

Why is this idea important?

I am a GP and notice a significantly higher number of people who are more depressed when it gets darker in the evening.  Not only does this affect NHS cost, it also affects the economy when there are higher amount of people who are off sick because of it. 

Also, when it's darker in the evening, less people will be inclined to do outdoor sports in the evening, which would put a toll on obesity and health related issues from lack of exercise.

Families are finding it hard to adjust their childrens' sleeping routine with the clock change, which is disrupting the sleep patterns of parents, causing parents to feel more tired in the day, which will subsequently affect efficiency at work. 

Many people have repeatedly said over the years that we should abolish clock changes, but nothing has been done officially.  Maybe this time, it would be different.

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