I believe that all bail hostels should be closed or at teh very least redistributed. Whoever had the idea that putting groups of criminals together in one location so that crime can be normalised needs their bumps feeling.  Placing an offender with other offenders in poor quality housing in an impoverished area will never provide an atmosphere conducive of rehabilitation. It is just a cheap alternative to jail.

If a halfway house is required then offenders should be placed in flats alone where peer pressure to reoffend is not present. and sufficiently spread around to ensure that crime gangs are not being manufactured by the state.

Why is this idea important?

People living in poor neighbourhoods do not need gangs of criminals dumped on their doorstep to further add to the problems they already have.

We are meant to be in this 'big society' together. We should not be creating ghettoes to dump all of our problems in.

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