This may not at first sight look like a CIVIL LIBERTIES issue, but I assure the reader IT IS.

Because the general public fails to understand just what is going on in and with our universities, and our society in general in relation to how it sees university graduates.

Firstly,  with the last New Labour government proposing the ridiculous target of 50% of school leavers going to university, which the current Coalition seems to be largely going along with to date,  huge numbers of children and even adults are effectively being BULLIED into taking part in higher education when they are not comfortable with or suited to it.

Because just THINK what being a university graduate was traditionally supposed to mean.

It meant you were adjudged as having the intellectual capacity to be a doctor, teacher, solicitor, scientist or other high grade professional  intellectual in society.

And likewise, ONLY such people actually NEEDED such a degree

So do we really think that 50% of people we were in class with at primary  or comprehensive school were capable of or worthy of such roles?

And the BULLYING comes from the fact that those who are uncertain that they ARE so fitted, are under enormous pressure to cooperate with undertaking higher education, or they are then classed as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, with a probable life long inferiority complex.

Well they SHOULDN'T have any inferiority feeling WHATSOEVER, because in fact Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, and founder of Microsoft, DOES NOT HAVE a university degree, as neither do or did many very famous and successful other people of the present or all ages.

But the overriding FACT is that most people – around 90% I'd estimate DO NOT NEED university degrees.

For example, who needs a history degree, unless they are going to be a history teacher or professor?


The same is true of COUNTLESS other degrees, and we are wasting ENORMOUS amounts of public money and  resources  by  creating this vast higher education  network, which is not needed.

There are VERY FEW jobs that can't be done by ON THE JOB TRAINING or non-university professional study, such as accountancy, insurance and law qualifications,  as we of course as all kinds of training for various trades.

But this obsession with "university education for all" is even worse than that, because not only is it bullying millions of people into attending university OUT OF FEAR believing they'll never get a good job otherwise,  and putting them into masses of debt, there is also a very sinister side to this sudden explosion of university attendance.

Consider what university degrees are composed of.


Yes, we need SCIENTISTS in the HARD SCIENCES, meaning maths, physics, chemistry, medicine and so on.

Yes, we need a SMALLER number of arts graduates, musicians, etc, though again it's a debatable question if they can't learn such crafts by "on the job training"/private study once again..

But where the SINISTER side of university comes is that there are all these "weird and wonderful" degrees hiding under the banner of SOCIAL SCIENCES in things like SOCIOLOGY, GENDER STUDIES and so on, which are really  not genuine sciences at all – even psychology is highly dubious in  many respects – but just masses of OPINIONS, UNPROVEN THEORIES which are in fact mostly politically motivated and amount to nothing more than PROPAGANDA.

In other words, Marxist and Feminist thinkers are being turned out of these universities, but hiding these POLITICAL PHILOSOHPHIES behind the banned of a "sociology degree" a "gender studies" degree, or even to some extent a Law , History, Psychology or Biology degree.

And then these basically POLITICAL thinkers, that are being turned out of the universities in their thousands like graduates of some Communist or Nazi training school, are taking all manner of important jobs and imposing their political ideology on society.

Politics is politics, but education is SOMETHING ELSE.

It should be IDEOLOGY FREE.

And further, because so many jobs are now DEMANDING that a person be degree qualified, because these degrees are IDEOLOGICALLY BIASED, it is ensuring that only people who accept these ideologies, are taking important jobs, positions of power.

It is little different than how each political party when in power, start installing its chosen ones into the House of Lords,  at the expense of the balance of our democracy.

And finally, this is all being done by giving a FALSE PROMISE to the public, that THEIR children will go to university,and thus be a big success, when in any society,  we can NEVER have 50% of people AT THE TOP,  so we are simply moving to the ridiculously false idea that we can have a society full of CHIEFS without any INDIANS.

Why is this idea important?

There are so many reasons this assumption that more than A SMALL FRACTION of school leavers who REALLY NEED  a degree should be going to university, must be challenged and overturned, it's ridiculously easy to list them, yet they are almost ALL BEING IGNORED.

1. Many people are being bullied into going to university of else labelled 2nd class citizens.

2. There if a false belief that a graduate is guaranteed a good job, when that's not usually so, unless they can get into a specific vocational course on merit, such as medicine or dentistry, and even then get a GOOD DEGREE rather than a mere pass.

3. It is getting more and more people into more and more debt, WHOLLY UNNECESSARILY, which may again come back to bite us all by threatening bank collapse, if these graduates find they cannot repay their debts as they are not the jobs for them that they desire.

4. University education has been turned into a propaganda training ground for various ideological groups like Marxists/feminists.

5. Many degrees are virtually meaningless as to their value in doing jobs in the real world of production or any other kind of skilled jobs, e.g. art history, sociology.

6. Many people simple DO NOT NEED DEGREES.

7. People without degrees, who may well be as intelligent or capable or more so than those who have them, e.g. BILL GATES, are being discriminated against and marginalised, their opinions not considered of equal value and so on, when whether or not they have academic qualifications they have more COMMONSENSE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, ABILITY.

8. Our so called "higher education system" is the most enormous waste or money and reso0urces at a time when the SCHOOL education system struggles for funds, with too large class sizes and not enough one-to-one tuition, and needs huge investment to provide SOUND BASIC  EDUCATION in numeracy and literacy for the general population, millions of whom are currently not properly literate or numerate due to its failure.

In summary, higher education apart from science, medicine and other vocational courses, is mostly a cynical and corrupt fraud, with all sorts of unscrupulous people lining their pockets, with the public being driven unwillingly to study for degrees, and indeed every higher degrees like M Scs and so on, or else face being regarded now as "only a graduate", now that the basic status of being a graduate has been utterly devalued by having millions of people with degrees who mostly do not deserve them, or should not have them.

Likewise, not only our school system would benefit greatly from the use of these massive resources wasted on higher education, so would all the other essential services we depend on, such as the health service, police and so on.

What we need in this country is more good JOBS to go around, not more useless DEGREES which are not helping our society in any significant way.

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