I think we should stop being an island both mentally and physically.

Why is this idea important?

Like the current Bacardi advert we should get lots of boats to drop stones and boulders into the English channel and create a land bridge between ourselves and France so we are physically bound to Europe. We should also adopt the Euro as our currency and everyone in England should be required by law to spend at least one month a year in Paris (which the Government should pay for) to help them stop being so bloody 'English' and uptight about everything.

As a concept this whole website and the idea behind it is a bit silly and I don't really think it's kidding anyone. I guess politicians really must think we 'the people' are stupid. It is nothing but a gimmick to think that any politiciian would take any notice whatsoever of anyone's comments on this site. Everybody's comments are only about how to make things better for themselves anyway and to air their prejudices – nobody's interested in making society better. Politicians least of all.  Its all a bit disheartening.

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