Do not introduce a bill that will allow a cohabiting partner, on parting, the same benefits as a married partner.


Background:  The Law Commission for E&W is looking at the possible legislation that would potentially see a transfer of some assets from the financially stronger partner to the financially weaker partner, after parting, on the basis of a 2 year cohabitation !!!

This is simple.   If I want to enter into a shared, in which my assets are combined with those of another in an equal partnership then there is already a framework for that to happen.  I will choose MARRIAGE.   

But I don't want to be shoehorned into giving away large amounts of the personal and hard won resources that I've built up during my lifetime to some other person that I've chosen to spend some time with.

I do not wish to give away my resources on the basis of a contract that did not enter into.

Why is this idea important?

Background:  Some people,  typically women have found themselves with little or no resources and rights to resources after parting from a non married partner after cohabiting in his house for many years, possibly bringing up their children.

Education of people that Common Law doesn't apply in these circumstances is the right choice.

It is important that :

1]  People have choices

2]  People exercise their choices

3]  People take personal responsibility for the choices they have made.

We now live in a different world.    Older people (I am now 60) who have struggled to save and work hard for their resources may wish to share their home with a financially lesser partner.

There is a real possibility that this relationship, later in life, may not last.     A person should not be penalised simply because they have had more resources going into the cohabitation.

Also, there is a real danger that there will be opportunistic relationships forming simply to become eligible for a share in their partner's wealth at some time down the track.


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