Most of our elections take place on the first Thursday of May, but we collect the annual electoral register in the Autumn and publish it on the first of December. As approximately 1% of the population moves every month this means that the register is out of date when we hold elections. I believe this was done to create a de facto 6 month residence qualification for voters. 

The 1998 representation of the people Act was a great opportunity to simplify things and synchronise this, instead it was used to increase complexity and  extra opportunities for bureaucracy by adding the process of a rolling register. So the minority who complete the rolling register forms are updated on the electoral register, but it is still somewhat out of date by May.

Moving the publication date of the annual register from 1st December to 1st April would move the collection of the register to the winter,  and thereby enable the rolling register to be abolished. Saving money and increasing the number of people who are  on the register at their current address in May.

Why is this idea important?

More people will be able to vote.

Some bureaucracy will go

A completely unnecessary form will go.

Taxpayers time and money will be saved

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