Environmental legislation has appeared in dribs and drabs over many years. We end up with a system where there are various regulations some duplicating others and some causing overlaps, or conflicts.

Environmental legislation should all sit under one overarching Act rather like HASAWA.

Having said that, all legislation is very annoying. You cannot go to a regulation (unless it is the first issue) and get the whole set of requirements. You get the latest amendment which changes a word here, deletes a sentence there, adds a clause or two, and changes some but not all responsibilities, applicability, or definitions. 

To say the very least it is EXTREMELY unhelpful. You have to get the latest amendment, find the first issue, then the first amendment, second, third etc etc and try to piece together what the law actually requires you to do today.

Whilst it is certainly keeping a lot of legal beagles in a job, it doesn't help the people trying to make sure the law is complied with.

Fix this problem and it will really make a huge difference – please, please, please.

Why is this idea important?

The law should be clear, then you can be expected to know it and live by it.

Our legislation is like a breadcrumb trail. It is no wonder that people don't know what is required.

Use the crystal mark  on every piece of legislation. Simple, plain english. 

Update the legislation fully, as in a new revision instead of an errata. So that when you look for a piece of law you find the whole of it.

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