Remove the restriction on commercial ' right to buy' leases. Council owned leases should come under the same legislation as domestic properties where tenants have the option to exercise their ' right to buy' Currently commercial leaseholders do not have any options under 'right to buy' and have restrictive leases which generally include a full repairing term that means they have to maintain (to a high 'Council' standard !!) the properties for generally a higher rate of rent, receiving little or no assistance from the council or other bodies just because they are 'a business' !!!

Why is this idea important?

This would give businesses a feeling that they can control the whole of their commitments allowing them to invest more in these properties knowing that they are their own, which in turn would stimulate growth in investment in such properties through purchase and future improvements. Whereas at the moment the feeling is why should we improve somebody elses property knowing full well that eventually the next tenant is going to benefit from our investment.

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