Common Sense

As a breeder of Lucas Terriers (they sometimes go to working homes but most go to country homes where catching the odd rabbit is common place). I would like to propose that good old fashioned common sense comes back into force, and that those dogs who have a tail that curls up and over their backs if allowed to grow are put on a list of breeds that should be allowed to have their tails removed at 2 days old (no pain involved in this proceedure).  Imagine the terrible pain and fear of getting stuck down a rabbit hole unable to back up because the tail is in the way. 

Why does this idea matter?

If we continue to legislate where there is no evidence of pain or cruelty to back it up, breeders will stop breeding and the heritage of our dogs will die, this in turn will have an impact on many businesses in the long term.  In the meantime, 'undercover' docking will still continue, causing many more health problems and cruelty than is acceptable.

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