Basically Time Common Sense regeined, So the normal hard working Folks in the Uk are protected against poeple who are out to attempt or harm in any way that they use laws to be able not to to be sent back in the fear they would be harmed.

Common Sense says the time has come to have all these restictions life and give Security Services achance to protect all of us from the finatics.

Also wish to log a formal complaint the Crown is failing to protect us against them so normal hard working folks feel a bit safer in the UK. PLC.

Why is this idea important?

Too Many Finatics, are bending our laws to suit there causes. against General Pulic time has come for change.

If we do not then we the UK leave ourselves open, to any Finatic to abuse our Laws, for there own ways against us, which are a threat to us all.

Please think how safer the UK would start to feel once these people, groups are removed and the one from reform there ways.

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