Restore the principal of common sense to the law and public sector.

Here i give two examples. My Aunt is a social worker. A foster family took on an autistic child. They wanted to go away for a few days and applied for £135 from social services to get a helper in to look after the child. My aunt and her manager had to go to the local head office where a comitee of 12 senior social workers met to approve the £135. If they had not the child would have beeng handed back to social services care at the cost of thousands. The jouney and meeting took all morning wasting valuable time for both my aunt and her manager. On top of that the cost of the 12 senior social workers would have all added up to far more than £135 _ it is ridiculous ! Common sense would be that my aunts manager would be able to make a judgement and sign off £135 pounds. The whole probably cost over £1000 once all the time was added up!

The second example is a colleague saw some kids looking through his letter box. He ran after them catching one. When he caught one the other turned round and started kicking him. He of course pushed the kid away with no damage inflicted. The kids mother called the police and the colleague got a caution and was told he should have done nothing by the police! Do we live in a crazy world!? Common sense would be that the kids would be cautioned for tresspasing and the mother given a wrap on the knuckles for being a poor mum and having no control of her children!

Why is this idea important?

The law at present does not protect the average law abiding citizen. A judge should be able to use common sense as the overiding factor in a judgement and not have to follow the letter of the law which often favours the perpertraors of anti social behaviour/crime.

In the case of the social worker and other public department then layers of comitees/box tickers need to be removed. A sensible well trained social worker should be able to make the decision.

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