Young single parent mothers who have children out of a relationship should be placed in communal accommodation with communal kitchens and living rooms, support services like social workers, creches and life skill teachers. Most parents of these mothers throw the girls our of their home and they often fall onto the state for support. This is very expensive and placing these women onto often rundown estates creates future generations of state dependents as these women are given very little support to bring up their children properly.

Communal accommodation for those that require state help when they fall pregnant will allow for greater social cohesion than placing mothers in council accommodation on estates where they get little support with parenting skills and will be a perpetual burden on the estate and foster generational state dependency. Single mothers have to often perform a difficult role and they are poorly equipped due to their immaturity. This will allow for young women to regain independence by providing support for continuing in education or vocational training so that they can stand on their own two feet and move out when they have the means to do so, without having a dependency on the state. Private companies could take over this role and be paid bonuses for each woman who moves out to work and support themselves, incentivising the private company to provide real help to these women. The community atmosphere would be nurturing and each woman could lend each other advice and support and this would allow for them to regain a sense of dignity and community as most young girls become excluded from most of their school friends when they become single parents. 

Why is this idea important?

The costs of this scheme and the benefits to society in stopping intergenerational welfare dependency and crime will reap the most benefit. Young women will also realise that pregnancy will not be a passport to their own flat and endless benefits but the state should support those who want to break out of the benefits trap and stand on their own two feet. The current situation in untenable as the current system is very expensive and does not provide the correct incentives for women to gain their own independence and makes it difficult for them to provide a nurturing environment for their children due to the pressures and the lack of life skills that these women have.

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