There are many dilapidated areas in the United Kingdom due to lack of Council money.

We have many people whose punishment for their crimes is community service and if the headlines are to be believed, there will be more.

They should be organised so that when Councils need help, they apply to use this 'bank,' of workers .

 Brightly coloured jump suits should be compulsory and refusal to comply resulting  in a week behind bars or an extension of their service, or both.

The result, a far more pleasant country to live in and those who have broken the law  clearly seen by the populace to be repaying their debt to society.

Why is this idea important?

Due to a dreadful Labour Government the criminals amongst us receive far greater consideration than their victims and this need to be reversed.

Parts of our beautiful country are a mess and those who are not in prison could be used to put this right.and for free!

It will also act as a deterrent to those who might consider breaking the law when they risk their mates seeing them in brightly coloured jump suits working for the community. Lose a bit of street cred. I would think!

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