For years now we have seen Courts handing out community Service Orders (None paid work in the community) but I have NEVER seen anyone actually doing any work in the community!!! Clearly the Labour do gooders did not want the criminals embarrased whilst doing their sentance, so allowed them to be out of sight to the general public.  I would, and I am sure most other people, would like to see Community Service being done IN the community.

Why is this idea important?

I feel the general public have the right to see that the Law and sentances are actually being carried out.  I also feel sure that it would be a far better deterant to offenders AND possible offenders if they are on open veiw to the public.  Our towns and cities are a disgrace as they are full of litter and rubbish, indeed this country is the dirtiest in Europe.  This would be ideal work for Community Service. 

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