Every year small limited companies have to re register their business with companies house through an annual return. This requires the use of 2 levels of authorisation code from Companies House, one sent by email and one sent in the post.  They send a letter that threatens legal action or a fine if this rigmarole is not done on time.

Every year so far the details of my company have been unchanged and all one is doing is re confirming the exisiting situation.  What should happen is that companies house should ask for  an annual return only if there has been a change.  So Change the procedure.

On a similar note I receive a business survey form from the Census office in Swansea. It required 15 hours to complete as its sales categories do not tally with those used by modern retail businesses. I was assured that this would be required once every 5 years but got one a year for the first 3 years.  Again backed up by the threat of legal action if not completed. Surely the government can find a more efficient was of identifying changes and trends in grocery sales than this.  Does government need to know at all? Scrap it.  




Why is this idea important?

SME owners  need to see a reduction in unnecessary government paperwork and form filling so that they can  get on with creating sales, wealth and jobs  

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