Abolish benefit in kind as an income for tax credits, this is an unfair re-tax, having to pay twice for the same thing.

Why is this idea important?

I earn £17300 gross pa, as a field service engineer, a company car is required to enable me to do my job visiting customers,/carry spare parts, the car is available for private use, therefore i have to pay tax through paye which i have to pay an extra £1200 pa in tax, on top of this because the car attracts £5000 benefit in kind, the tax credits see this as an income, as such my earnings then rise to £22300, for every £1000 in benefit this deducts £390 tax credits, therefore this "tool" which i need to do my job is costing £3150. i have 2 small children and recieve no tax credits, no benefits of any kind in fact, how can this be fair, my colleagues whom do not have children only pay once, how can i feed my family with diesel an tyres, i would be financially much better off unemployed

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