Many councils have 'reuse areas' where servicable but unwanted things(electrical items excluded) can be left for others to take if they have a use for them.  I have seen this works very well.  It saves landfill and hence landfill charges which ultimately are paid by council taxpayers.  Only if items remain unwanted at the end of a day or two can they then go to landfill.

I cleared my late father's house and left  servicable items in the Reuse Area and people were happy to take them.  However, my East Midlands council forbids this because they say they can be sued if an item causes trouble.  How so?  If other councils can do it, so can they.  The attitude my council has is inflexible, narrow-minded, wasteful, ecologically unsympathetic and bears unnecessary costs for council taxpayers when times are tight.

Why does my council not subscribe to today's attitude of Recycle, Recover and Reuse?

Implementing this idea would cost nothing and be planet friendly.

Why is this idea important?

It helps the planet, reduces council tax and helps the less well off.  Best of all it costs virtually nothing to implement.

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