Means testing to look at a families earnings and essential living costs to establish the right amount of support.

Why is this idea important?

It is always those with a 'middle' income that struggle the most. Not entitled to benefits or any sort of financial help towards anything, but not enough of an income to afford a decent standard of living.

I believe in working for a living and setting a good example to my child. I work full time and earn a good wage of £27,000 per year. My husband has served in the british army and worked from leaving school until last year when he had to leave his job for personal reasons. We got by for a few months, then he started to look for work again, he claimed 6 months of Job seekers allowance, which was all he was entitled to. Out tax credits have not increased an we are struggling increasingly each month. My husband has signed on to many employment agencies who treat him like dirt, he worked a few nights and is still waiting for payment over 3 weeks later, which has left us unable to buy food and relying on help from family. Why when we both have contributed so much to the british economy and paid our taxes are we not helped when we need it. Recently I have come close to leaving work so that we get the help we need, I am working full time and still can't get by. This can't be right and it is not a system that helps when help is needed! I would welcome the opportunity to talk to someone about our experiences.

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