Compliance with s requirement to comply with a complicated two stage 20 notice procedure  is engaged when work in excess of £250 per flat is contemplated. This threshold is far too small.

In our lease we are obligated to repaint the block of flats every four years – this always costs in excess of £250 per flat – why should the landlord consult on this when it is a lease obligastion, particulalry if the flats are owned by the leaseholders and are liely to go for the cheapest option anyway?

Why is this idea important?

Scrap requirement for s 20 notices where the work is required under the terms of the lease.

Scrap the need for complaince with as 20 notice where a building surveyor states that the work is necessary for safety reasons

Introduce a higher threshold limit so as to enable a landlord to maintain a building more efficiently.

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