We should all be grateful for scientific and technical progress , otherwise we should still be using crystal sets and winding up horned gramaphones. However the abolition of the FM radio services is a step too far. Purely on a personal level, this household owns 3 vehicles with analogue radios.On top of that there are some 29  radios in this house, from mini personal/ headphone jobs , stereo tuners , radio /cassette/C.D players/ TVs , , a radio telephone, 2 Freeplay  and 4 other wind ups to a deliciously expensive Bose  number and a several of small transistor radios of various types. If the Government  makes compulsory the dumping of these radios, or even the seemingly worthy recycling for the 3rd World, the financial outlay for us here will be enormous.We have 1 digital radio only and it is rarely used.

Having reserched this, it seems that digital radios consume more electricity / battery power than standard ones, although there are energy saving models available. Most people , post 2015, will to SOME  extent be sourcing cheap radios , probably made in China or the Far East .Can the economy of these models be guaranteed? I suspect that electricity/ battery  consumption will rise.Not environmentally friendly. Why encourage the use of economy light bulbs only to have the effect  counteracted by  electricity guzzling radios?There is also the problem of poor reception in many areas.

The Conservative Party , now Government , is in favour of personal choice  for the individual and encouragement of  each and every one of us , to be self sufficient   and non State reliant. It also  wishes to leave behind the "nanny  state" and interference  of Socialism that we have to tolerate every few years  when Labour are in power. DO NOT now decide that "Nanny knows best " and that  each and every one of us be COMPELLED to dump millions of functioning radios for no particular reason, other than a commercial one.

Why is this idea important?

Run a digital and FM service side by side as now.If radio stations can do this at the moment then they can do it in the future. There are probably too many stations  anyway . Who gets the time to listen to it all along with TV , computer activity and games, going to work, sleeping  and generally LIVING.?

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