We should follow the example of numerous other countries and require every vehicle to display proof that the use of the vehicle is covered  by compulsory motor vehicle insurance in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988. The cost of paying compensation to the victims of uninsured drivers is borne by all validly insured driver by means of a premium levy which goes to fund the Motor Insurers Bureau. This simple measure would potentially reduce motoring costs for those road users who take out the required insurance. Uninsured drivers are typically the most likely to cause accidents in any event

Why is this idea important?

It would render enforcement of the insurance requirement much simpler than it is at the present. If a vehicle is untaxed then it is almost certainlly uninsured, but the mere fact that it is taxed and displaying a valid tax disc does not mean that insurance remains current throughout the period covered by the tax disc. Such a measure could constitute an effective tax cut for law-abiding motorists.

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