Under the terms of the Criminal Justice Act your employer is only obliged to release you on unpaid leave of absence to attend Jury service, whilst the Courts service is only willing to pay the first sixty pounds a day of your salary for the first two weeks of service, rising in increments after that to a maximum of two hundred and twenty pound s a day only

Why is this idea important?

The law should be changed so people are released on paid leave of absence, thus protecting their livelihood and those on temporary or fixed term contracts, who have no permanent employer willing to cover their salary, or whose contract would expire whilst they were absence from work, are full excused Jury service.

I have been campaigning for a change in the law for some time now, in the face of disinterest from MP’s and the Courts service, which has no other interest other than packing the jury box full of bodies for what is an onerous and not a civil duty.

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