I understand that you are looking for legislation to be abolished – but can we reverse an abolition of a legislation?

Bring back compulsory foreign language in secondary schools.

Ideally, introduce it at Key Stage 2 and keep it as a core curriculum subject through Key Stages 3 and 4.

Why is this idea important?

In the modern world there is global competition for jobs, and you need languages to succeed. Young British people who can only speak English are missing out and lagging behind.

The previous government made foreign languages non-compulsory in secondary schools. They are already not compulsory in primary. The result? Children are failing to learn foreign languages, some schools have no language teaching at all. This is all going to backfire badly.

This was the worst education policy ever – it was all about fiddling exams pass statistics to fit the league tables. It took away vital skills which children in other countries learn – please reverse it.

Give us a competent curriculum that helps children leave school with the right skills. There are also more languages out there than German and French – we should make the most of them.

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