At present there is no such thing as compulaory redundancy at Royal Mail. Instead, those who fail the periodic "assessment centres" whereby they essentially have to re-apply for their jobs, are allowed to remain on full pay until they find a new job. So, essentially, they are still employed, they just don't have to do any work! In Chesterfield, where RMG has a major administrative office, there is someone earning £53,000 per year in the IT department, who, due to the above policy, has not done any work for the company since 2003.  In order to become profitable and competitive, Royal Mail must be allowed to make people redundant and then stop paying them!

Why is this idea important?

I assume that this situation is due to some kind of deal between the CWU or Unite and the company, but it is frankly preventing RMG from becoming a commercial organisation. It's unfair to customers and the many hardworking employees of the company that such a situation can be allowed to continue.

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