To improve traffic flow.

For some bizzare reason HGV's limited to 56mph when the national speed limit is 60mph.  Since this was introduced coingestion has increased by over 20%.

Answer – change the law so that all vehicles travelling on a motorway must be capable of achieiving the national speed limit (with exceptions for abnormal loads, cranes etc)

Traffic calming has increaeed congestion and increased pollution by approx 30%.

Answer – vehicles only work efficiently when the engine is running consistantly.  Traffic calming measures such as speed humps etc create a stop start senario which increases fule consumption and subsequently pollution massively.  On a trail survey average fuel consumption of 30mpg on combined driving was reduced to 20mpg on city driving.  That is a massive 30% increase.  Multiply that nationaly and it a wonder we are not all dead ! 


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because of climate change, congestion and general well being.

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