The issue:

Age of Consent: 16
anyone at or above this age may engage in sexual acts with another consenting person

Age of Majority: 18
anyone below this age cannot vote and is considered a child for the purposes of child porn.

look a bit wierd to you too? it’s currently illegal to own or make indecent images of a 17 year old even if they agree (or even if it’s yourself), but it’s perfectly fine to have sex with them or someone a year younger on a regular basis if they give consent.

Now i may not be a certified genious, but last I checked, sex was a bit more intimate and more likely to result in lifechanging consequences than owning a picture of your girlfriend topless.

Explain the discrepancy please. Then fix what is obviously broken by changing the wording in all relevant laws replacing “18” with “age of consent”.

Why is this idea important?

because quite simply if you legally can go out and have sex with someone, you can’t really call them a child anymore. All this discrepancy does is inconvenience teenagers.

logically it is the correct decision.

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