I have just spent 15 minutes on the phone to HMRC PAYE section to enquire which box to tick to complete the direct debit form to pay PAYE electronically – as we are being pressured to do by HMRC.  The phone was eventually answered after holding for 8 minutes and having explained the problem, the person at the other end of the phone just read from the website, which is why I telephoned in the first place as the website does not give enough explanation.

It seems that you can only make a payment plan when paying on direct debit, not pay the exact amount that is due.  If my assumption is incorrect, then please enlighten me because I have wasted so much time on this that I have covered the cost of the cheques and postage for the next few years!

Come on powers to be – small businesses need to be able to access information quickly – not to go round and round the HMRC website because part of the direction to information is missing elsewhere, or sit and have to listen to the same "sorry to keep you holding" message when you ring up.  No wonder so many small businessmen just don't bother to get it right

Why is this idea important?

So much time is wasted.  In a small business, time is precious as most of us where multiple task hats.

We are being asked to do the work for HMRC, so they could at least have the decency to answer the phone – it's rude and so very frustrating. 


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