There should be contact categories.; to provide efficient channel of priority messages from the public


eg. Tax return; estimate interest for tax year. done. send in form.

Then new details come to light.

No means of contact.

Letters take 9 weeks upwards.

Phones not answered.

no workable e-mail.

Effective contact closed.


Form should have priority followup code number.


e-mail code contact code number

to add to information as a matter of priority.


other contacts should also have easy sort categories for effecient public dialogue.


Also. Inland Revenue should be required to apply same penalties of payments to itself regarding refunds, as it demands of the public which it does not communicate with!

Why is this idea important?

Everything is lop sided.

All powers and penalties are loaded on the inland revenue side, with no obligation towards the public that it serves.


Penalties should only be applied where all is equal , reasonable and fair, and after all is evenly balanced, then decide if the public person is in error.


I do not know if this is a human rights issue, but it looks like it.


it is urgent because where one body can punish but not be communicated with, is a very serious error which should not be tolerated by excuses from the inland revenue.

Some lives may be severly damaged for all we know.

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