As things stand, these two areas are outside the law so the law cannot take a controlling position in areas of human activity that clearly are out of control.
We need Royal Commissions on drugs and prostitution (euphanasia which I could not see a section for), and all the sections to be operated under the control of the NHS. Decriminalising leaves no one with overall responsibility and we need our doctors and nurses in control to stop things going wrong and where they have gone wrong, our medics can make things right where possible and limit damage otherwise.
We need computer tracking of people's involvement of prositution and drugs so that where ailments occur, things are understood by the NHS and further damage can be curtailed. A Psychiatrist would rather know a patient's drug patterns as a GU clinic would like to know partners, and pharmacueticals would like to know how to develop better and safer drugs for profit.
As it stands profits from drugs fuel gang rivalries, gun crime and terrorism, instead they should be funding schools, hospitals and the police from taxes, giving people jobs in a legitimate industry and developing pharmaceutical research, including in condoms.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because human behaviour is leading to unnecessary suffering, crime and alienation from the entire legal system which leads to walls of silence even in cases like rape and murder.

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