It has been suggested that there should be a minimum price for the sale of alcohol but consumers are not given the choice of buying, for example wine and beer, with lower alcohol content.  A few years ago most of the cheaper wines had an alcohol content of  9, 10 or 11%, nowadays most wines are 12.5, 13.5 or 14%. and if it is possible to find one with lower alcohol it is more expensive.  It used to be easy to find beers with an alcohol content of 2.6 or 2.8%, now the choices of beers and lagers have nearly double that alcohol content.  Government should ensure that retailers – in particular the supermarkets – offer for sale wines and beers with lower alcohol content and at a cheaper price than the higher alcohol types

Why is this idea important?

If the purpose of imposing a minimum price on alcohol is to encourage people to drink less alcohol why not review the products which are on offer?  Allow people to drink the same or similar amount they are drinking nowadays but with less alcohol per glass.  Why not encourage the retailers to offer lower alcohol content wines & beers at a lower price which would encourage people to buy the less potent products.

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