Picture the scenario:


You're at home minding your own business when a masked gunman storms in. Before he gets time to think, you've bashed him across the head with something heavy knocking him unconscious. 


You'd have NOTHING to fear from the law as you were defending yourself, your family and your property. He ends up with brain damage.


His tough luck. He'd have no right to sue, no right to a lawyer, nothing. The second he made the decision to break and enter with a view to assault and threaten, his rights were automatically revoked instantly.

Why is this idea important?

Why should proven criminals get any human rights at all? Why should the public have to go through the ignominy of being taken to court by the criminal for defending what matters to them? I want to know that if I ever had to bash a criminal on the head or stab him in the arm or leg etc to stop him doing what he was doing, I don't expect to be taken to court for it. I expect the criminal the shut the hell up and admit he was bang out of order.

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