I understand that, as an employer, my company can be convicted of corporate manslaughter if an employee kills someone in a motoring accident while driving for business.  This can even apply if an employee pops down the shops for a bottle of milk for the tea room.  To protect my company I have to ensure that their car is roadworthy, they are insured for business use and they have received additional training to drive for the business (the fact they have a driving license is not enough).  This is ridiculous.  We have only 5 people employed and nobody is on the road much.  But if I ask someone to go the the post office for me I have to jump through all these daft hoops.  I have already spent hundreds of pounds on additional driver training and my admin manager spends a lot of her time keeping documentation up to date.  I fear if I do not do this I could be liable as a director if an unfortunate accident occurs.  This must be nonsense.

For companies that have sales or service people on the road it makes more sense.  But for small companies like mine?  I think not.

Steve Jordan


Why is this idea important?

It makes employers fearful of prosecution for something for which they have no control.  It might also discourage them from employing new people.

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